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are considered to be messages that angels are by your side. Whenever you see feathers or pass them by, take a moment to feel the prescence of angels. Stop and hear if there is a message for you. Remeber the thought you were thinking at the moment you first saw the feather and check if you were asking for guidance. At times you may be moved to collect feathers. Ask permission to see if you are meant to take the feather or leave it on the earth. You will be guided.

and sequences of numbers have specific meaning. Pay particular attention when you see the same number or sequence of numbers three or more times. Tune in to hear what the significance of these numbers represent for you.

To learn more about the messages in numbers you can read more by Doreen Virtue


whenever any word, person, event, situation occurs more than three times and sits at the forefront of your mind. Take note of what message is being set through to you, it may be literall or inferred. Be discerning and really tune in to hear if you are being guided and remember not to discount this as 'just coincidence'. Learn to pay attention to these signs whenever they occur.


often guides us through animals, birds, insects and landscapes. Learning the significance of animals, birds and insects helps you understand when and why they appear in your life, particularly when they appear with frequency. They each are totems holding specific messages. You may find that you have a specific totem also and it is wise to learn more about any animal or creature that is your totem. Connect with this natural totem and learn what lies true for you.

Tune in to the frequency of the earth, air, stars and sea. Still yourself long enough to hear the response to questions you ask through the frequency of nature. Give thanks each time that you do.


happens every day. Yet we often believe it is simply by chance. Begin to notice the nature of events in your life and see the connections that occur in the often unexpected. Thinking of someone and the phone rings and it is that person, needing something and suddenly it or help arrives to assits. The more you follow these synchronistic signs, the more they will occur in your life. Recognise impulses that occur before something happens in your life and be gracious in your receiving of this divine assistance.

Guardian Angels

support and watch over you. If you have not met your guardian angel find a quiet and sacred place to be still and relax where you will not be disturbed. When you feel you are completely quiet and open, tune in and ask your guardian angel to appear. Notice where it appears - it may be clear or simply a feeling. Then ask if your guardian angel has anything for you. Wait and listen for a reply. You can ask your angel for anything you need help with. Any time you need help remember to ask your angel to appear. My experience has been that angels that provide support change over time when my needs and situations change. Remember you can ask you angel it's name also. And of course always gve thanks before and after receiving angelic assistance.


often appear in your life when you need their expertise or have something to learn about yourself from them. At times this may not be obvious, yet realise that sometimes you need to look beyond the obvious to see why this person has entered your life. Also remember to ask for help. When you ask definitively for what you need you often find that within days if not minutes, the right person walks in to assist or guide your way. Give thanks for these 'human angels' when they walk into your life.

Angels do exist and they are here to help you
Method to call upon the angels:
How to call on Angels...

be specific about what you need to ask

know that you will be helped

believe in the power that may be beyond your understanding

ask 3 times and hand it over

wait to hear, see or feel your guidance

follow with reverence what you have been given

be gracious, giving thanks for your receiving of the divine

ask as often as you need and you will be helped